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Remediate, Recover, Recycle, Re-use

At Storefield we take an open mind approach, understanding that no two projects are governed by the same set of factors. We use a remediation options appraisal that seeks to identify the most practical solution for the project and our client needs and offer a variety of strategies for site remediation, recovery, recycling and re-use.



  • M1 J16-19 RCB Works

M1 J16-19 RCB Works

This report details the recycling, recovery and reuse elements of the M1 RCB Works 2014/2015

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Stone Pit 2

The Stone Pit 2 Site is approximately 22 hectares, it is an ‘L-shaped’ former chalk quarry that is currently being filled and restored with inert waste to an approved restoration plan level approximately 5m below surrounding ground levels.

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  • Stone Pit 2
  • Sundon Landfill Restoration

Sundon Landfill Restoration

The Sundon Landfill Restoration Project aims to restore a previously used landfill to accommodate a country park, with public footpaths, areas of grassland and areas planted with native trees and shrubs.

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Misterton Salt Barn

The Misterton Salt Barn project, contracted to Storefield by BAM Nuttall, was a soil treatment and processing scheme to minimise the environmental impact of disposal of potentially contaminated soils to landfill.

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  • Misterton Salt Barn
  • The Pirbright Institute

The Pirbright Institute

AECOM Undertook a survey and this result determined that approximately 25,341.50m3 of material required processing and removal from site by January 2014.

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